The unique "Slap Wrap & Go" wraps around almost any beverage container! Screenprinted Standard Stubby Holder - "An Australian Icon!" Stubby Holder with Handy Tag. Just clip on and it travels with you! CDI-N03 Full Colour Stubby Holder
CDI-S01   slap wrap and go CDI-N01   stubby holder CDI-N02   stubby holder
+ handy tag (screenprint)
CDI-N03   stubby holder
(full colour)
CDI-N04 - Full Colour Stubby Holder + Handy Tag. CDI-N05 - Fishing Reel Cover CDI-N06 Footy Style Stubby Holder
CDI-N04   stubby holder
(full colour + handy tag)
CDI-N05   fishing reel cover CDI-N06   footy style stubby holder CDI-N07+08  the GIANT
CDI-N10 3mm Standard Flat Pak Baby Stubby Holder. Keeps your pre-mix bottles cold! CDI-N12 - 2.5mm Budget Flat Pak. Affordable and packs flat! CDI-N13 - Wine Glass Holder
CDI-N10   3mm standard flat pak CDI-N11   baby stubby CDI-N12   2.5mm budget flat pak CDI-N13   wine glass holder
CDI-N15 & CDI-N16 - Wine Bottle Holder CDI-20/CDI-N21 - Zip Bottle Holder "Pint Glass" & "Schooner Glass" Holder. Perfect for the footy!
wine bottle holder
CDI-N17  the "dingo" CDI-N20+21  zip bottle holder
(375ml & 750ml)
CDI-N22   pint & schooner holder
CDI-N23 Milk Carton Holder - great for anything in a carton! CDI-40 & CDI-N42 - Open End Water Bottle Holder CDI-N41 & CDI-N43 - Pull-Over Water Bottle Holder Neoprene Sun Visor - available in adult and child sizes.
CDI-N23   milk carton holder CDI-N40+N42   open-end water bottle holder
(clip/belt strap or stitched only)
CDI-N41+N43   pull-over water bottle holder
(clip/belt strap or stitched only)
CDI-N70   sun visor
CDI-N71 - Neoprene Coaster - 95mm x 95mm. Full Colour Mouse Mat - 185mm x 205mm or 235mm x 215mm The Monty Range - "The Full Monty", "The Monty" and "The Sipper" Cheering Sticks
CDI-N71   neoprene coaster
(95mm x 95mm)
CDI-M80 (screen printed) + CDI-M81 (full colour)
mouse mat
The Full Monty, The Monty & The Sipper